Rear-Tine Tiller
Prepare seedbeds, power compost, and cultivate with precision and ease.
  • Width sizes: 18'', 20'', 26'', 30''
  • Adjustable widths: 26'' narrows to 20''; 30'' narrows to 26''
  • Tines rotate 50% faster than competitive brands at a rate of 20 rotations per wheel revolution.
  • Tine speed can also be adjusted to a 10:1 rotation ratio when in second gear.
  • Planar wedge in center of tiller breaks up center soil, leaving no un-tilled strip down the middle.
  • For safe operation, a PTO-lockout device prevents the tines from spinning when the tractor is shifted into reverse.
  • Four tine depth settings, maximum of 8'' tilled depth.
  • Replacement tine kits available.
  • 33" Heavy Duty Tiller available for Model 750 only.
Rotary Plow
Effortlessly build raised beds, dig drainage ditches, and more.
  • Four spiral blades spin at 245 rpm.
  • Loosens soil up to 12" deep on single pass.
  • Replaceable plowshare tips are four-way reversible for extended life.
  • Excellent for maintaining semi-permanent raised beds.
  • Dig drainage ditches and swales quickly.
  • Depth control wheel also acts as handy travel wheel at highest setting.
Save time and effort while evenly distributing amendments with the BCS Spreader.
  • Watch Now: Click here to see the Spreader in action on YouTube
  • 6.5 cubic foot capacity struck level (approx. 9 cu. ft. heaped)
  • With Expansion Kit: 10.7 cu. ft. struck level (approx. 15 cu. ft. heaped)
  • Maximum recommended load is 1000 lbs
  • Spreads compost, fertilizer, sand, and more
  • Stainless steel box for longer life
  • Spread width is 30''
  • Spreader can straddle 30'' rows -- about 36'' in between wheels
  • Outside dimension is 45''
  • Lug tires allow the drive system to function on dirt walkways or turf
  • Requires Curved Coupler (version depends on tractor model)
  • Fits models 732 and up (5x10 wheels recommended)
  • Assembled dimensions are 63" Length x 45" Width x 27" Height (approx.)
Power Harrow
Makes minimal impact on soil structure by stirring the soil while creating perfectly level seedbeds.
  • Easily adjusts from 0 inches to 5 inches
  • Stirs the soil, like an eggbeater, to preserve soil structure
  • Prevents weed seeds at deeper levels in the soil from being brought to the surface
  • Metal mesh roller provides precise depth setting and helps level ground
  • Perfect for popular 30''-wide growing beds
  • 21'', 30'', and 32'' widths
  • Proudly made in Canada
HD Combo Mower
This hybrid mower has the capability to mow both on and off the lawn.
Lawn Mower
Combine a precision cut with the ability to bag or side-discharge clippings.
  • 22'' or 38'' mowing widths
  • Cutting height range is 2.5 to 4 inches on 38'' mower; 1.5 to 2.5 inches on 22'' mower.
  • Heat-treated steel gears in oil bath.
  • Unique top-mounted lever instantly adjusts the blade(s) for different heights.
  • Easy front-dumping with top-mounted 4-bushel bag on 38" models.
  • 1/8'' steel deck.
  • 22'' Lawn Mower is 66 lbs; 38'' Lawn Mower is 213 lbs.
  • Requires Quick Hitch and PTO Extension for models 739+.
Remove dead grass or leaves to make room for healthier, fuller lawns!
  • 26'' working width.
  • 48 spring-loaded blades on three vertically rotating rods.
  • Unit "floats" to follow ground contours.
  • 139 pounds.
36" Dozer Blade
Push or pull through loose gravel, soil, debris, and more
  • Pushes and pulls debris.
  • 36'' wide x 12'' tall.
  • 5 angle positions.
  • 3/8'' thick steel blade.
  • Optional Box Scraper Kit.
Reduce limbs up to 3'' in diameter to create mulch, compost, and more.
  • 28 reversible hardened steel flails for shredding.
  • 37-lb flywheel provides extra momentum to power tough limbs through blade.
  • Single removable blade mounted to flywheel for chipping.
  • Chips limbs up to 3'' in diameter.
  • Adjustable legs for more support in operation.
  • Includes 1 3/8" screen and set of rods-and-rollers.
  • Rods-and-rollers allow for shredding heavy, wet material without clogging.
  • 3 ¾'' x 4 ¾'' size opening at blade; 9 ¾'' x 9 ¾'' at opening of chipping chute.
  • Additional screen sizes available, including discharge holes of 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 50mm.
Pressure Washer
Enjoy a self-propelled pressure washer and get performance of up to 16,000 cleaning units (4,000 PSI x 4.0 GPM).
  • 4000 PSI / 4 GPM
  • High-performing A.R. pump with 5-year warranty.
  • Watch Now: See the Pressure Washer in action on our YouTube channel.
  • Pistol-style wand gun is 36'' long with adjustable side handle for stability and comfort during operation.
  • 50' non-marking hose can be expanded up to 100' with included swivel quick coupler. Extra hose not included.
  • Pump head (or manifold) is forged brass for longer periods of use and longer life.
  • Rear removable swivel wheel for easier maneuverability.
  • Powder coated steel frame provides storage for wand, hose, and tips.
  • Includes five tips, which provide variable angles at 0, 15, 25, 40, and 65 degrees.
  • Compact size leaves a small storage footprint (20'' x 20'').
  • Optional soap injector kit available (part number 85.400.001).
Utility Trailer
Haul yourself and loads up to 1100 pounds behind your BCS tractor.
  • Watch Now: Click to see the Utility Trailer in action on YouTube
  • Padded seat
  • Loads up to 1100 pounds
  • 16 cubic feet
  • 43'' x 59'' x 10.5'' deep
  • Foot and parking brakes
  • 45'' wheel base width, inside wheel width 29.5''
  • Easy-to-use dump
  • Swing-down tailgate
  • 8' total length, including the tongue but excluding the required Curved Coupler
Buddy Cart
The BCS Buddy Cart is an easy-to-use, self-propelled barrow that hauls up to 550 pounds and 11 cubic feet of volume.
  • 550-pound, 11 cubic foot capacity.
  • Unit weight is 82 pounds.
  • 31" wide, 78" long (including tongue), 31" high.
  • Rustproof poly tub.
  • 29.5'' overall wheel width.
  • 18'' inside wheel width.
  • Can be operated in front or rear-mount position.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • Dump loads with the activation of the dump lever located on the tongue.
  • While dumping, tub rotates 45º left or right.
  • Recommended with models 722 and up.
Snow Thrower
Snow Thrower attachment for BCS Two-Wheel Tractors launches all types of snow, from dry powder to deep, wet drifts.
  • 24'' and 28'' widths
  • Angled stainless steel discharge chute conducts cold quickly and never rusts
  • Watch Now: Click to see Snow Removal attachments in action on YouTube
  • Over 1200 RPMs as a single-stage chute
  • Adjustable skids to six height settings, from ground level up to 2''
  • Chute discharge direction adjustable from operator's position
  • Heat-treated steel gears in oil bath gearbox supported by ball bearings
Power Sweeper
Use it year-round to clear snow, clean asphalt, de-thatch lawns and more.
  • 30'', 40'', and 48'' widths
  • Change 3 directional angles effortlessly from operator’s position
  • Watch Now: Click to see the Power Sweeper in action on YouTube
  • Adjustable caster wheels allow for wide range of applications
  • Heavy duty nylon bristles provide long life
  • Swivel joint in mounting allows sweeper to follow ground contours
  • Wire bristles also available
  • Hardened steel gears and ball bearings in oil bath