Designed and built in Italy since 1943, BCS has a proven track record of reliability.  First imported into North America in the early 1970s, and now sold in over 100 countries with millions of daily operators, BCS is ready for you.

Built to the same commercial standards as four-wheel farm tractors, BCS tackles the jobs that don’t suit their larger cousins: mowing on slopes, maneuvering in small areas, intensive cultivation, sweeping walkways, and much more!

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All-Gear Drive
BCS separates itself from the competition by using heat-treated and hardened steel shafts and gears, supported by ball bearings in oil bath. This not only provides extra durability, but enhances the machine’s performance by minimizing the loss of engine output during the transfer of power.
Automotive Style Clutch
The BCS clutch controls the power to the wheels and PTO drive, absorbing rotational shock and protecting the drive train. To change gears, simply squeeze the clutch lever on the left handlebar and shift the gear selector, then slowly release the lever as the tractor and implement engage. It’s very similar to a manual transmission car!
Independent Power Take Off (PTO)
All BCS tractors have an independent power take off (PTO), allowing attachments to be turned on and off independently of the tractor wheels. When mounted, BCS attachments interlock with the three jaws of the PTO shaft, and the engagement is internal to the oil bath tractor transmission.
Reversible Handlebars
Perhaps BCS’s most distinct and unique feature is the simplicity of rotating the handlebars 180 degrees, which allows owners to easily transform their walk-behind tiller into a mower-ready machine.
Professional Quality Engines
BCS tractors employ a full range of quality, high-performing engines. Gasoline options are available from Honda, Kohler (models 710 & 732), and Vanguard (model 660), ranging from 5.7 to 13 horsepower.
Differential Drive with Lockout
Most BCS tractor models are equipped with Differential Drive with Lockout. Differentials provide maximum maneuverability by allowing one tractor wheel to turn independently of the other. The black Lockout lever on the right handlebar locks the wheels into straight-axle mode for positive traction on steep slopes, soft soil, and other problem areas.
Adjustable Handlebars
BCS’s anti-vibration handles are comfortable, easy to use, and extremely versatile. Instant height and side-to-side adjustments allow the operator to easily find an ideal height setting and the option to offset the handles and walk on either side of the tractor.
Precise Machine Balance
All BCS tractors are engineered with a low center of gravity for better stability with all appropriate attachments. For example, when operating a tiller attachment, the weight is centered over the tines for consistent, uniform pressure without the need for the operator to apply downward pressure.
Operator Presence Control
When compressed, the red Operator Presence Control on the left handlebar of BCS tractors keeps the tractor running. Releasing the lever stops the implement and kills the engine.

On PowerSafe models, releasing the OPC lever will immediately stop the implement and tractor's forward motion, but the engine will stay running.  
Quick Reverse
Instantly reverse with this shuttle-type gear shifter. The red lever on the right handlebar allows for easier maneuvering and handling for the operator.
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