• Pushes and pulls debris.
  • 36'' wide x 12'' tall.
  • 5 angle positions.
  • 3/8'' thick steel blade.
  • Optional Box Scraper Kit.

The BCS Dozer Blade is built for moving and “dozing” gravel, sand, dirt, and other small debris, as well as leveling ground.

With an inverted position in which the blade can push or pull debris, the Dozer Blade is fixed to the mount to prevent “floating” like the BCS Snow Blade for maximum leveling performance.

The blade can be adjusted to five different positions to steer debris in a desired direction. We recommend first installing the plate to the PTO connection point, then installing the blade.

An Empty Quick Hitch tang is required to mount if the tractor is fitted with a Quick Hitch bushing.

Wheel weights are recommended when in push mode for maximum performance.

A Box Scraper Kit is now available for the Dozer Blade attachment.