These videos were created to highlight the best practices when it comes to set-up, service and day-to-day operation of BCS two wheel tractors. Whether you’re a new BCS owner, a lifelong user, or a BCS dealer, we hope you’ll find the videos useful and easy to follow. If you have questions, comments or have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming video, please contact us or email
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BCS Tractor Setup
BCS Tractor Operation
BCS Rear-Tine Tiller Setup
BCS Quick Hitch Installation Tips
BCS Tiller Tine Replacement (Universal Tines)
BCS Tiller Tine Replacement (Rental Tines)
Rotating & Replacing Tips on the BCS Rotary Plow
Installing Wheel Extensions on a BCS Tractor
Installing Barbell Weight Hangers on a BCS Tractor
Expanding/Narrowing BCS Wheel Width by Flipping Wheel Hubs
Installing Dual Wheels on a BCS Tractor
Installing Tach/Hour Meter on a BCS Tractor
BCS Precision Depth Roller Assembly
BCS Rear-Tine Tiller Width Adjustment
BCS Sickle Bar Mower Assembly
Changing the Width of a BCS Sickle Bar Attachment
BCS Chipper/Shredder Attachment Assembly
BCS Brush Mower Attachment Assembly
BCS Flail Mower Anti-Scalp Roller Installation
BCS Tool Carrier Kit Assembly
BCS Mowing Sulky Attachment Assembly
BCS Utility Trailer Attachment Assembly
BCS Buddy Cart Attachment Assembly
BCS Buddy Cart Attachment Assembly (V2 - Swivel Dump)
BCS Plastic Mulch Layer Attachment Assembly
BCS Sickle Bar Mower Knife Replacement & Repair
Checking & Changing the Gear Oil in a BCS Sickle Bar Transmission
BCS Snow Thrower Shear Bolt Replacement
BCS Power Sweeper Brush Wafer Replacement
BCS Tractor PTO Stud Replacement
Preparing a BCS Tractor Engine for Storage
BCS Tractor Throttle Cable Adjustment
BCS Tractor Throttle Cable Replacement
BCS Tractor Transmission Cover Removal
PowerSafe BCS Tractor Transmission Maintenance
Changing Transmission Oil on Non-PowerSafe BCS
BCS Tractor PTO Shaft Repair
Converting BCS Tractor to New Style Clutch
PowerSafe BCS Clutch Cable & OPC Cable Adjustment
Non-PowerSafe BCS Clutch Cable Adjustment
Non-PowerSafe BCS Clutch Cable Replacement
Releasing a Stuck Clutch on a BCS Tractor
Re-Assembling the Forward/Reverse Lever on a BCS Two-Wheel Tractor Without Differential Lockout
Installing Scoop Blades on BCS Flail Mowers
Re-Assembling the Forward/Reverse & Differential Lockout Levers on a BCS Two-Wheel Tractor
Individual Wheel Brake (Steering Brake) Maintenance
BCS Rivet Nut Repair & Replacement