• Four spiral blades spin at 245 rpm.
  • Loosens soil up to 12" deep on single pass.
  • Replaceable plowshare tips are four-way reversible for extended life.
  • Excellent for maintaining semi-permanent raised beds.
  • Dig drainage ditches and swales quickly.
  • Depth control wheel also acts as handy travel wheel at highest setting.

This unique attachment is world-renowned for its superior performance, versatility and easy handling. Also known as the "Groundblaster", the Rotary Plow accomplishes a multitude of tasks efficiently and effectively.

Four spiral blades spin at 245 RPM on a vertical shaft, digging effortlessly into all types of soil — including hardened, rock-filled dirt that has yet to be broken. Debris is discharged to the right side, allowing the operator to build raised beds with multiple passes.

The Rotary Plow engages the ground up to 12'' deep, and can be regulated by a depth wheel that also provides easy transportation.

The Rotary Plow can accomplish these tasks and more:

  • Break new ground
  • Power compost cover crops
  • Build raised beds
  • Create drainage ditches
  • Power hilling

Can the Rotary Plow handle rocks? It's a question we receive often, so read this blog post to find out the answer!

Use the rotary plow for additional tasks? Let us know!

The Swivel Rotary Plow is also available for special applications.

Required Accessory: Wheel Extensions