• Engages up to 11'' of depth with additional tractor weight.
  • 1.25'' tip width
  • 16'' shank length.

The Subsoiler (also known as a Ripper or Flat Liner) is intended to loosen or break up soil beneath the surface without turning the soil over. The shank can reach 11'' of depth, depending on soil conditions. Wheel Weights or Wheel Weight Hangers are most definitely required.

The advantages of the Subsoiler are that it loosens soil as deep as possible in order to improve drainage, increases the soil's capacity to hold air and water, and encourages plant roots to penetrate deeper. With the proper weight, the Subsoiler will loosen soil at depths that the Rear-Tine Tiller can not reach. The angled tip is 1.25'' wide.

Like other drag implements, the Subsoiler requires the Tool Carrier Kit to connect to a BCS tractor.

Required Accessories:

Recommended for models 739 and up. For optimal performance, 12'' wheels (5x12 or 6.5x12) are recommended because they can accommodate 150-pound Wheel Weights. For models 732 and 739, Wheel Extensions are required to install 12'' wheels.