Root Digger

Turn up vegetables ready for harvesting, particularly potatoes.

  • $199

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I love my BCS 853! It's all about the right tool for the job. A big machine and a small machine both have their place, and together, they compliment each other very well!
Brian | Washington

  • Helps to harvest root vegetables, particularly potatoes.
  • Digs as deep as the soil has been worked.
  • Increase efficiency by mounting a second Digger to the Straight Bar

The Root Digger (also called the Potato Digger) is used to harvest small-scale crops of root vegetables. The round tines extending from the implement sifts through worked soil, making most of the vegetable visible and can be easily collected. It's important to note that the Root Digger can only burrow into the soil as deep as it's been worked.

The Root Digger can harvest potatoes very efficiently down the center of the row. For more delicate root crops such as garlic, onions, and turnips, the implement should be planted to the side of the row to avoid crop damage.

Required Accessory: Tool Carrier Kit
Recommended Accessories: